"[This] is a course that I continually go back to. This is not only a life changing experience, but the knowledge that I learned from this course is something that continues to help me on my journey DAILY. Sarah's lessons are filled with knowledge that will help you open up to your authentic self.

This course…is for everyone who desires to become more full of life. In this course, you will learn how to trust your innate power and your truth, how to cultivate trust within yourself, how to feel safe in your body, forgiving past situations that no longer serve you, how to heal wounds, and SO much more! 

This course pushed me to seek out my desires, and to understand that they are here for me to fulfill.

Sarah's guidance and knowledge allowed me to stop living in the limits that my mind had placed on myself and to step into my highest self. I left this course feeling light, free, clear, and aligned with my highest truth. This was one of the best investments I have made on my personal development journey!"

-Sabrina Hochhuth


"...one of the best decisions of my life."

“At first, I really didn't think I needed to get into this course. I really didn't think I was the type of person that had "traumas" or "binged". I mean, my childhood was perfectly normal, and I would only exaggerate on food and TV when I'm stressed. And then, this stress got bigger and more frequent, and one day it clicked: "I need this. I KNOW I can be better." It was one of the best decisions of my life. I have evolved so much and it gets me so excited to know that I have so much more to do. This journey has been huge and I'm savoring every bit of it. And the most amazing part? I am just starting. ”


- Paula Nabais

"I'm finally free of dieting"

"Sarah is a natural healer in so many ways. She will teach you how to manage every aspect of your life. I have had so many eye opening moments since enrolling in this course. I feel like I'm finally free of dieting & it feels like a huge weight has been lifted. This is proving to be hands down one of the best decisions I have made. This course is life changing. I can not say enough good things about Sarah Harken and this course!"


- Sara Frasier

"I am daily learning to love every ounce of myself"

"Whether you’re aware or not, there are events, people, and trauma that have subconsciously altered our paths. In the 3 short months I have been able to uncover and unmask so many different things I never even knew about myself, my childhood, my body/mind/soul, and how those people around us project. I have learned to control my own emotions, how to feel through them, how to handle tough conversations with myself, how to how myself accountable, how to hold others accountable as well. The journey is so fucking fun. I am daily learning to love every ounce of myself even the parts that society told me was wrong, that society told me I would go to Hell for, the parts of me that I felt was unlovable and unworthy of light and joy. I cry when I want to, I breathe through stuck emotions, I fucking love myself and if you can put a dollar amount on how much you’d spend to through and through honor and love yourself, you’re nuts. I am so honored and blessed to have such an incredible mentor, friend, and life-long sister to guide me through this journey."


- Kevin Rollenhagen

"I finally feel like I know who I am..."

"This course has truly changed my life. It’s hard to describe the shifts but I know I’m so much more whole as a person than I was before I started. I finally feel like I know who I am and am in touch with my soul."


- Melanie W.

"She loves guiding us..."

"I love how Sarah explains every concept so well and draws examples from her own experiences. I can really feel how she wants us all to be the best version of ourselves and how she loves guiding us through the same magical transformation that she went through. Her meditations are very powerful and I love listening to hear voice because it's very soothing and I can feel that everything she says comes from the bottom of her heart."


- Julia L.

"Sarah is a natural born coach."

"Sarah is a natural born coach. She is excellent at guiding each individual through the program. She has developed each part of the program in such a detailed and comprehensive manner. Thanks Sarah for all your hard work. This is so appreciated!"


- Jessica Empie

Let these wins from other members who have taken this course be evidence as to what's available for you when you begin this journey.

 As you see here, you'll notice profound changes in every area of your life as you immerse yourself in this container and embody the principles taught.

 This work was the start of my true spiritual awakening and it can be yours, too.


Before creating this portal I asked myself, “What would have been life-changing for me to learn about and experience in a program at the start of my journey to Awakening? What would have saved me time, money, and energy?”

I sat with this question, decided on the main pieces of wisdom that completely changed my life, and then created this course. This is the ultimate life-coaching accelerator.

I chose a lightening bolt ⚡️ as the symbol to represent this container because I imagine this portal as you coming in one version of yourself, getting struck by your highest self & truth, and leaving with an entirely different outlook on your life.

If you have any questions or concerns about enrolling, or if you want to celebrate your YES, please DM me on IG @sarahjeanharken or email me [email protected]. I'd love to hear from you!

Thank you for being here.


-Sarah Jean Harken

P.S. If you've ever considered doing private coaching with me, know that this is my 1:1 curriculum coached in a group setting for a fraction of the cost ✨