Hi, I'm Sarah

A Food Freedom, Self Worth, & Emotionality Coach. I'm here to help you open the door to your absolute best life.

My Story:

Sustainable health and wellness goes much deeper than diet & exercise; this is where my unique expertise lies. After graduating from Grand Valley State University in 2017 I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I received my first Health Coaching Certification.

Though the school taught me the depths of what a clean, wholesome diet actually looks like, it’s main focus was the “Primary Food Circle,” which includes joy, spirituality, creativity, finances, career, education, physical activity, home cooking, home environment, relationships, & social life. It's said that if each category of your Primary Food Circle is wholesome, healthy living becomes easy and like second nature! While I somewhat agree, this still only scratches the surface. 

The question was, how does a person actually achieve fulfillment & sustainability in those areas? I knew deep down that in order to support my clients and myself in obtaining a nourishing lifestyle forever, I needed to take my knowledge a step further.

Struggling on and off with emotional and binge eating and anxiety (even after being certified as a Health Coach!) showed me that something was missing.

I then enrolled in a program called Hungry For Happiness to earn my Food Freedom Coaching Certification. This education gave me exactly what I was searching for: the recipe to heal the deep seated emotional ailments I was facing, and how to help others do the same. 

In the midst of all this, I earned my Breathwork Facilitator certification through The Healing Couple and my Yoga Teacher (200) certification at Yoga Fever in Grand Rapids, MI, which really helped me tie physical, mental, & emotional wellness all together. In order to achieve sustainable health & happiness one must find a mind/body/soul harmony. You can’t have one without the other. 

I’m super passionate about my mission to make this world a healthier, blissful, more uplifting, wholesome, and loving place. 

While I’m not coaching, creating a virtual course, working on my podcast, Her Vibe Is Pretty, or teaching yoga, you’ll find me:

Learning from my mentors & coaches, diving deeper into my own depths, doing breathwork or meditating, taking care of my plant babies, being in nature, traveling (especially to Europe & Colorado!), cooking & baking pure, healthy meals & snacks, crafting, and spending time with my boyfriend, mom, sister, and dad. 

Looking forward to connecting with you! XOXO

"Sarah helped me in literally every single way - from my personal life to my professional life, to the way I handled stress, to the way I treated other people, and to the way I treated myself. She literally helped me in every single aspect of my life - I truly do not think a single area was not changed or influenced by her. It is simply amazing.."

-Cassandra M.

Your best life awaits

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