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Where you'll be guided on how to step up into your highest, most evolved self, design your dream life, and start living it! 

Envision creation. Envision connection.

Envision bringing your dreams to fruition. 

2021 is upon us; what better way to start the new year than getting crystal clear on your vision?

Turn off the Netflix, ditch the IG scroll, & join us in this mini course to craft and create the most

potent, blissful, & expansive vision board you'll EVER have!

Envision Mini Course

$30.00 USD


Course Includes:

*A masterclass on how vision boards work ($197 Value):

-Best practices for creating & using them to your advantage

-Space & accountability held for you to bring your physical vision board to life 

-Live Meditation/Breath Work session to embody the energy of your dreams & help you kickstart the manifestation process  

-A container with high vibe energy, giving you the space to create & manifest your ultimate vision

*Recorded breathwork session that you can do daily to bring your wishes into reality ($22 Value)

*Recorded visualization meditation that will help you envision your board coming to life ($22 Value)

*Pre-Work Journaling Prompts that will help you decide what you desire ahead of time so you can flow right into the creative process once in the workshop ($11 Value)

*Post-Work Journaling Prompts to help you further embody your vision ($11 Value)

*High Vibe Playlist to listen to whenever you want to raise your vibes & get on the same frequency as your desires (Priceless)


What Others Are Saying:

When asked, "how do you feel after attending our event?"

"Amazing! Inspired and feeling soooo abundant."

-Marina D.

"This event was so eye opening and I feel so much more in touch with myself. That live breath work and meditation was amazing. As I stated during the event, I cried so hard. I meditate and do breath work every day on my own, but something about doing it live at the even was a totally different experience and I hope that I can achieve that again because it was a beautiful experience."

-Heather M.

"High vibey, inspired, relieved, powerful, blissful, grateful, all the feelings I want from my vision. I felt connected with all of you, even though I was only watching the replay."

-Barbara G