I started coaching with Cassie in June of 2020. Being by her side for this journey was so fulfilling. When you guys have breakthroughs, when you guys feel shifts, when you guys evolve, so do I. Your success is my first priority, so seeing it come to fruition makes me so genuinely happy.

Immediate Post-Journey:

How did you feel and what were you experiencing prior to working with Sarah?

"Before working with Sarah, I was on a constant diet-binge cycle. To be honest, for a long time I thought this was normal. I thought as a woman, I was supposed to cut out carbs, dairy, caffeine, sugar.....all the things. I thought as a woman, I was supposed to be kicking my butt in cardio sessions, weight lifting sessions, and workout classes in between. I thought that was what my life was supposed to be like. Obviously, that is not sustainable - so I was on a constant roller
coaster of ups and downs. I’d be “eating clean” and “working out enough” for a few weeks, and then I would crash and dig myself into a deep hole. I could truly go on and on about this, but the bottom line is that it wasn’t healthy and it wasn’t fun. This is what I thought that I needed Sarah for - and BOY WAS I WRONG. While I did need her for all of that, there was so much more that she helped me uncover that I didn’t even know was there. She helped me discover the “why” behind many of my actions and guided me to more positive ways to handle these stressors. These were literally things I didn’t even think were wrong with me. They were areas of my life that I didn’t even realize weren’t to my fullest potential. When I started working with Sarah, my reason was 100% food-based but as our journey together went on I realized it was so much more than that. My reason for beginning my personal development journey with Sarah was far different than the reasons I stayed - and the reasons that I will continue down this path. My life has changed in ways that were truly unfathomable. Things I never thought would happen, that I never thought I deserved to happen, unfolded SO EASILY right in front of me."

How do you feel and what do you experience now? What shifts and changes do you notice within yourself and the way you view life and the world?

"I honestly have no idea where to start. I could write pages on pages about what is different about me. From the way that I view the world, others, specific situations, and more importantly myself - everything has shifted and changed. My entire time working with Sarah, I always told her that more people needed this information - the vast majority of it really is THAT important that it needs to be somehow shared with everyone. To go through each and every shift that happened while working with Sarah would be nearly impossible. This journey has impacted me in big ways - like getting a new job that I didn’t even want or look for that pays me DOUBLE my last - to small ways like the way I respond to others in a daily conversation. It’s like I am viewing the world through new, fresh eyes. I have an overall better understanding of how the human mind and body work not only in myself but in others as well. Because I know everyone wants to hear tangible results, I will give them to you - however, I promise you that it’s really the intangibles that are the most powerful for me.

  • 100% stopped binge-eating! Something I never thought I would do.
  • Re-introduced all of the “bad” foods back into my life and didn’t notice a SINGLE
    difference in my body.
  • Worked out less, ate less restrictively, lost weight, gained muscle, and can confidently admire the body I have.
  • Stopped giving a f*ck about stupid shit. I used to care SO much about so many
    insignificant things. Now, I literally do not care. I let everything go and it is so freeing!
  • I can now say no without feeling guilty or making up excuses and I do it often.
  • I am a kinder, more understanding, more compassionate woman to myself and to others.
  • I ASK FOR HELP! This is a huge one for me.
  • I make mistakes and I let life be messy - Goodbye perfectionism, hello real me.
  • I am confident, proud, and sure of myself. I know exactly who I am, what I deserve, and what I want out of life. I know that everything I desire can become mine.
  • I eat the ice cream. And the cake. And the candy. And drink the occasional cocktail or glass of wine. And I feel no guilt.
  • I can sleep at night! For years I have struggled to fall asleep and stay asleep and this has completely gone away."

What’d you like about working with Sarah? How did she help you?

"Sarah helped me in literally every single way - from my personal life to my professional life, to the way I handled stress, to the way I treated other people, and to the way I treated myself. She literally helped me in every single aspect of my life - I truly do not think a single area was not changed or influenced by her. It is simply amazing. One of my favorite parts of working with Sarah was that she gave tough love. She pointed out when I was reverting back to my old ways. She told it like it is and she did it out of love. Sarah 10000% practices what she preaches. She had so many real-life examples to give me from her own life and we were able to discover so many parallels between us. She also always pointed out the various ways I could practice what I was learning. When a sticky situation would come up or something would arise, she would remind me what we talked about a few weeks back and help me practice what I had learned in a
real-life situation. While working with Sarah, the universe presented a lot of ways for me to apply what I had been learning. Some of these I didn’t notice, but Sarah would always help point them out. She also always allowed me to determine the path we were going down. She had an outline of things to work with, but I was always in the driver’s seat which I really liked. It truly is personalized coaching - not someone who says it’s personalized and then gives the same things to everyone they work with. I was always 100% at the forefront when Sarah planned our sessions. She always knew just what I needed. I think that was something that impressed me the most with Sarah. She was able to connect to me so quickly and so deeply. She has incredible intuition and I was often in awe at how in-sync we were. It always felt like she was one step ahead, anticipating what I needed and what was to come next. At the beginning of my journey, Sarah had me write a letter to myself, and at the end of our time together when I read it, to say I was amazed would be an understatement. Every single aspect of the letter (which was quite through) had come true in bigger ways than I had even imagined. It was incredible."

What would you say to someone who is thinking about investing in themselves to work with her?

"My best advice to anyone thinking about working with Sarah is to stop thinking - just do it. I had been following Sarah for years and months before I started working with her. I was “thinking about it” and I always came up with a reason to not reach out. Even after I did reach out initially, I was still trying to come up with a reason not to follow through with it. (Reflecting back, I now know this was my subconscious mind trying to keep me safe because it was afraid to change, grow, and level up). My advice? Just start! Once you do, you are going to kick yourself for not getting on this path sooner. I swear that this journey is the most eye-opening, life-changing, and the craziest thing that I have ever done. A few months ago Sarah told me all of these things that were going to happen to me, and I did NOT believe her. I vividly remember thinking that the success of her other clients was great and all, but I didn’t have those issues and I didn’t need that much work or help. Boy was I wrong. Sarah knew at the time how much was inside of me waiting to come out, and she helped me discover all of my potential along the way. All of her “crazy things'' that I never ever ever believed would happen to me (that I never thought needed to happen to me since I was “fine” ALLLLLLLL came true and then some. My best advice - sign up. Do the work. Believe in Sarah, and believe in yourself. Trust the intuition Sarah has for you (because it is CRAZY SPOT ON!!!!) and trust the universe put Sarah in your path for a reason. Because of her, I will be a better person, friend, employee, daughter, sister, girlfriend, one day wife, and mother. I am a more understanding, compassionate, and loving person than I ever thought I would be."

SIX MONTHS Post-Journey

It’s been six months since the end of your program. What’s life like? Have you continued to practice/consider everything you learned while working with Sarah? Are you still on the journey to embodying your highest self? 

"I am not perfect - something that I have tried being almost my entire life. Since working with Sarah I have fully understood why chasing perfectionism is so harmful to your mental and physical health as well as your overall quality of life. While spending so much time and effort trying to have a perfect life, you do a lot of damaging things to yourself. With that being said, I am still on the journey to my highest self. Some days are more focused than others. Some days I fully embody my highest self and my evolved woman. Other days, the doubts creep back in, I listen to the negative self talk in my mind, and I go back to my old ways. The difference is, I don't stay there. I allow myself to feel the feelings. I am able to recognize that my insecurities are winning. I recognize these things, and then I get back on track. Sometimes these are mere moments, and other times these are hours or a day or so. At the beginning of working with Sarah, I thought these moments were weakness. Now I realize they are opportunities. They are a time and place for me to practice, learn, and grow even further. I used to be discouraged when these moments came because I felt like it was a failure, now I embrace them."

To say my entire mindset has changed since working with Sarah would be an understatement. I definitely went into the program looking to change major areas of my life - mostly my relationship with my body and food. However, I can say that the biggest impact has been on the small day-to-day moments where something happens to me and I handle the situation differently than I would have a year ago. These are small things like someone cutting me off in traffic, or not feeling guilty for saying no. I can confidently say multiple times a day these moments come over me, and in those moments I am really proud of my growth. Proud of my mindset. Proud of myself for now allowing external factors to affect me as much. 

If you’re still thriving, why do you think that is? About 80% people tend to fall off of the path after they’re done working with a coach or doing a program; why do you think you’re not in that category?

I would say there are a few things that contribute to this, but the biggest one is because it feels good! I will be the first to admit that I am not doing everything daily like I was when I was fully in the coaching program, but a day or two will go by where I haven’t been in tune with my body and something just feels off, and I can understand why. Before, I would try to fix that “off” feeling with food, wine, social media, or binge watching Netflix. Now I can register that there is something off with my mind-body connection and it can be realigned with some breathwork, meditation, or simply just allowing myself to feel the feels. 

Prior to working with Sarah I had no way of figuring out how to get that “off” or sticky feeling out of my body and now I do! I allow myself to feel whatever the emotion is, and then I am able to cope with my own skills rather than external sources. No one wants to feel shitty, in fact people spend a lot of money and time trying to make themselves feel happy. 

Sarah taught me how to use my own body and soul to bring myself to a state of pure bliss without anything other than my own self. Sarah helped me eliminate a lot of negative feelings - feelings of guilt, unworthiness, and self-doubt. When you can get to a feeling of pure happiness and contentment, you don’t want to “fall off” the path - and even in the moments, days, or weeks I may falter I always find my way back because I finally learned that the feeling I am chasing is already inside of me. 

Basically what I am trying to say is people chase a whole bunch of things to make themselves feel good. After working with Sarah you’ll KNOW how to feel good and whole just as you are. 

What can you confidently say to someone considering Sarah’s program who has been through the diet/binge cycle time & time again or who has maybe started personal development then fallen off over & over throughout their life? 

This isn’t a quick fix. This course was hard work, but with that work comes a huge reward. You are able to dig down to the root of the cause and you are way, way below the surface level tactics you have probably tried previously. 

I think a lot of people fall off the wagon so to speak because they make it too hard on themselves. They restrict themselves too much and they don't create changes that are sustainable. The biggest thing for me was eliminating the notion of what “healthy” is. You’re not eliminating anything - in fact literally nothing is off limits! I was someone who would be a strict “no sugar, gluten, dairy, alcohol, etc.”….for a week or two before it all came crashing down and I had all of those things in excess. 

I also learned that being healthy wasn't just about the food you put in your body, but also what you did to your mind. By working with Sarah, I realized the same tendencies I had with food were true with how I spent my time (Netflix, Social Media, etc.). But now, since nothing is off limits, and I listened to my intuition and I do what I want when I want. This applies to ALL areas of my life. I originally went into Sarah’s program to deal with some food and binging issues, but I left with so much more. I realized my perfectionist and controlling tendencies really impacted much more of my life than just my food.