What if you had a way to create a healthy relationship with food, feel comfortable in your body, and FEEL BETTER in a way that LASTS?

...without wasting time & money on fad diets

...without dieting at all

...without killing yourself in the gym

...and without calorie counting or tracking your food intake

But by...

  • Learning to connect with your body. This gives you the freedom to eat when you’re hungry, instead of eating to make yourself feel better

  • Falling in love with yourself & your body just the way you are

  • Discovering the deep seated limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your progress and releasing them so you can evolve into the best, healthiest version of YOU

You CAN overcome emotional & binge eating + have a healthy relationship to food without dieting & obsessing over what you eat, you just need the right tools.


"...one of the best decisions of my life."

“At first, I really didn't think I needed to get into this course. I really didn't think I was the type of person that had "traumas" or "binged". I mean, my childhood was perfectly normal, and I would only exaggerate on food and TV when I'm stressed. And then, this stress got bigger and more frequent, and one day it clicked: "I need this. I KNOW I can be better." It was one of the best decisions of my life. I have evolved so much and it gets me so excited to know that I have so much more to do. This journey has been huge and I'm savoring every bit of it. And the most amazing part? I am just starting. ”


- Paula Nabais

"I'm finally free of dieting"

"Sarah is a natural healer in so many ways. She will teach you how to manage every aspect of your life. I have had so many eye opening moments since enrolling in this course. I feel like I'm finally free of dieting & it feels like a huge weight has been lifted. This is proving to be hands down one of the best decisions I have made. This course is life changing. I can not say enough good things about Sarah Harken and this course!"


- Sara Frasier

"I am daily learning to love every ounce of myself"

"Whether you’re aware or not, there are events, people, and trauma that have subconsciously altered our paths. In the 3 short months I have been able to uncover and unmask so many different things I never even knew about myself, my childhood, my body/mind/soul, and how those people around us project. I have learned to control my own emotions, how to feel through them, how to handle tough conversations with myself, how to how myself accountable, how to hold others accountable as well. The journey is so fucking fun. I am daily learning to love every ounce of myself even the parts that society told me was wrong, that society told me I would go to Hell for, the parts of me that I felt was unlovable and unworthy of light and joy. I cry when I want to, I breathe through stuck emotions, I fucking love myself and if you can put a dollar amount on how much you’d spend to through and through honor and love yourself, you’re nuts. I am so honored and blessed to have such an incredible mentor, friend, and life-long sister to guide me through this journey."


- Kevin Rollenhagen

"I finally feel like I know who I am..."

"This course has truly changed my life. It’s hard to describe the shifts but I know I’m so much more whole as a person than I was before I started. I finally feel like I know who I am and am in touch with my soul."


- Melanie W.

"She loves guiding us..."

"I love how Sarah explains every concept so well and draws examples from her own experiences. I can really feel how she wants us all to be the best version of ourselves and how she loves guiding us through the same magical transformation that she went through. Her meditations are very powerful and I love listening to hear voice because it's very soothing and I can feel that everything she says comes from the bottom of her heart."


- Julia L.

"Sarah is a natural born coach."

"Sarah is a natural born coach. She is excellent at guiding each individual through the program. She has developed each part of the program in such a detailed and comprehensive manner. Thanks Sarah for all your hard work. This is so appreciated!"


- Jessica Empie

Maybe you...

  • Have been stuck on a diet/binge cycle for years

  • Feel confused about all of the conflicting information out there on how to create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle

  • Seem to lack self control & will power

  • Wonder how you'll EVER overcome the habit of emotional and/or binge eating every night 

  • Have a low confidence level & have never been happy with your body

  • Struggle with anxiety, stress, mood swings, exhaustion, or some other emotion that you can't seem to manage

Read Cassie's Story

Listen, I've been there.

For almost my entire life I would turn to food for comfort when sad, anxious, stressed, depressed, tired, overwhelmed, confused, uncertain, exhausted.

I'd turn to food for entertainment.

I'd turn to food for celebration, to reward & "treat myself."

I'd emotionally eat every night, then feel guilty about it which would lead to me reaching for even more food, which would turn into a binge, and sometimes even a purge.

When there were sweets around, I didn't stand a chance. No matter what I told myself I'd somehow end up at the dessert table or in the bag of cookies over & over & over again. 

I was stuck in a vicious cycle.

I'd lose and gain the same weight over and over again.

No matter how hard I tried to escape it through counting macros, special diets, shake programs, workout plans, exercise classes, NOTHING TRULY WORKED.

Even when I shifted into holistic, plant based living, I'd find myself bingeing on healthy foods...

I'd always find myself back in the diet/binge cycle, struggling with my relationship to food.

I'd always find myself hating my body, wishing I was skinnier & had a flatter stomach.

Even when I was in the best shape of my life (externally) I'd be so self-conscious in a bikini and wouldn't dare to put on a crop top....

I battled with food and my body for years

UNTIL I discovered the wisdom I'm going to guide you through over the next 12 weeks...


I eat when I'm hungry.

I eat to nourish my body.

It feels natural to choose foods that support my body.

I also sometimes eat to enjoy the taste of food, but I no longer go overboard.

I occasionally indulge in foods that are labeled "bad" by society without attaching guilt & shame.

I can listen to my body and stop after a few bites of ice cream or a couple pieces of pizza.

I can keep cookies in the cupboard without feeling the constant pull to them.

I no longer plan my day around food. Once upon a time all I would think about is my next meal; not anymore!

I'm able to be present while I'm out to eat with family & friends instead of thinking about what I will order, when the food will arrive, or what's for dessert (& if I can have it or not)

Moving my body has never felt so easy to stay consistent with, and when I miss a workout or feel like resting, I do with no regrets! 

I move because I love my body, not because I hate it or feel the need to look a certain way.

I'm in love with my body and have never felt so whole, healthy, strong, & beautiful.

& all of my clients experience the same after going through my program.

The question is, are YOU ready to live this life?

Read Hannah's Story

Here are the topics I'm taking you through so that you can create these results for yourself: 

  • Safety In The Body
  • Mind/Body/Soul Connection
  • The Subconscious Mind
  • Inner Child
  • Re-Framing & Navigating Pain
  • Limiting Beliefs + How To Shift Them
  • Observing Your Experience vs. Identifying With It
  • The Worthiness Wound
  • Food Rules vs. Boundaries
  • Triggers + Using Them For Your Growth
  • The Emotion of Anger
  • Protectors That Are Subconsciously Holding You Back
  • Forgiveness Of Self + Others
  • Trust
  • Pleasure + Receiving
  • Father & Mother Wounding
  • Deepest, Darkest Pains, Truths & Desires
  • Self Sabotage
  • Kaizen (continual growth)

Don't worry, you don't need to know what these mean!!! That's what I'm here for :) 

More About Me

"Prior to working with Sarah I felt hopeless. I was very critical of myself, filled with guilt, anxiety, and fears of the future. After doing the inner work I am now able to practice self compassion and I can let go of being in survival mode. I trust the safety of my body. I have a deeper understanding of myself. I can now celebrate my wins and I don’t feel like my emotions have control over me. I trust myself more. I accept my experiences and triggers as learning opportunities that get me closer to my higher self. Sarah challenges me to dig deeper and find the root of the limiting beliefs that were holding me back. Sarah has encouraged me to practice trust within myself, shift limiting beliefs, and has helped me create a relationship with my inner child and my higher self. To anyone who is thinking of working with Sarah I would tell them to not hesitate and invest in themselves. We are not meant to go through this journey alone. Sarah will be a helpful and compassionate guide as you gain trust in yourself and your ability to thrive as your higher self."

-Andrea E., @_dreacarolina

Diet Culture Dropout is a self-paced online course that will take you from a body shaming, food obsessed, diet/binge junkie...



  • Having a healthy relationship with food, being free from its seeming control

  • Feeling better about yourself & loving + accepting all parts of you

  • Being a healthier, more confident human

  • Understanding your depths & the actions you take

  • Feeling empowered to sustain healthy living in a way that feels natural

  • Creating your dream life with the time you used to spend thinking about or consuming food + worrying about your body

1. Enroll in Diet Culture Dropout (links below)


2. Receive welcome email, create an account, then get to work on your pre-work material & assignments


3. Begin Module 1 Content (training, journaling, meditation)


4. Every week following a new lesson will drop for a total of 12 weeks.


6. Show up with an open mind and an open heart, & your transformation begins.


I purposely structure it this way for your success. If I gave you all of the content at once, it'd be overwhelming & wouldn't help you stay the course for 12 weeks!


Diet Culture Dropout

$1,111.00 USD
Diet Culture Dropout Payment Plan

4 payments of $333
Diet Culture Dropout Payment Plan

8 payments of $197

"Sarah has taught me so many different ways to help myself change the way I look at my life. She has helped me see how my negative thoughts/experiences in life can actually be looked at in a positive way, knowing that they are just trying to teach me something and that this is an opportunity for growth. Due to that insight, I now do not dwell when I begin to have negative thoughts/experiences. And on the opposite side of that, Sarah has taught me that when positive things come into my life, that I should be proud of it and fully relish in the moment because this is something that I have created for myself. I have created this positive energy to enter my life at this time and everything is happening at perfect timing. Sarah has helped my whole mindset about my life, mind, body, and soul change for the better. I am in such a better place and at peace with where my life is now, and I know that Sarah has 100% helped me reach this goal of mine."

-Sierra G., @gipsonsierra


Learn even more about me & my journey through this episode:

Diet Culture Dropout

$1,111.00 USD
Diet Culture Dropout Payment Plan

4 payments of $333
Diet Culture Dropout Payment Plan

8 payments of $197