I started coaching with Hannah in January of 2020. Her story is a beautiful example of how when you do the inner work to heal your relationship to food and your body (like we do in my courses), everything else in life changes, for the better. Read on to hear not only how her life was shifted while working with me, but how seven months after being out of my program, she's still thriving.

Immediate Post-Journey:

"Six months ago, I walked out of my doctor’s office after an appointment I had been dreading for weeks, with tears streaming down my face. I had been dreading it because I knew they would ask me questions that we both wouldn’t like the answers to. Do you smoke? Yes. How much? About a pack a day. How many days a week do you exercise? Not enough. What is your diet like? Garbage. All of the areas of my life that I already felt terrible about being drilled via 20 questions with a doctor I’ve been seeing since I was a kid. During this yearly physical, the doctor did her due diligence and brought to both of our attention that I had gained nearly 40 lbs in the past year or so. A fact I almost cancelled our appointment in order to avoid thinking about. When I left the doctor’s office, I sat in my car for a while, crying. My first reaction was anger at the doctor, for bringing up this area of discomfort in such an inconsiderate way. But as I sat there, it fermented into anger at myself. Anger for my lack of control. Anger for letting my health decline so quickly. Anger that I would end up like all of the other women in my family—overweight and unhappy. 

I sat in my car for quite some time. Then there was a flash of something deep within me. A—this is the time to take real action—moment. I would whoop my butt back into shape and reclaim my happiness. However, this time I would get help doing it. I had heard about Sarah’s work a few months before, but I was not ready to act upon the message then. Now I was. I sent her a text and we scheduled a time to talk on the phone the next day. 

When I first reached out to Sarah, my primary goal was to lose 50 pounds. However, after our first phone call, she already had me thinking about the deeper issues in my life—the “why” behind every bad habit. Why now? Why do I need this change in my life? What void am I filling with food, alcohol, cigarettes, and a number of other bad habits? The answer for me to the “why now?” question was that I had filled and filled the void to the point where it overflowed and I could no longer swim in my discomfort. But what was the void? Where did it come from? How do I change the course of my life?

In the months that followed, Sarah began to explain concepts to me that I did not know of before—my inner child, my evolved woman, finding safety in the body. By working with her, I have created a deeper connection with myself, my soul, my inner being. In return, by doing this emotional work, 

  1. I went from smoking a pack a day to ridding myself of the habit altogether 
  2. I lost 30 pounds in five months and I feel comfortable in my body 
  3. I feel like myself for the first time maybe in my whole life 

And the crazy thing, the physical acts of doing these things—working out, quitting smoking, eating healthy, losing weight—it never felt difficult or forced. It was simply a by-product of repairing the faulty relationship I had between my body, mind, and soul. 

If you are concerned about the cost of investing into yourself, I understand because I was too when I stood where you stand. However, I look back on my experience these past five months (still one more month to go in my program) and I know that I made the right decision. Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make. The really crazy thing is that when I started working with Sarah, I was worried about making the payments. Five months later, I have more money than I need. This, too, has been an outcome of my work with Sarah. I changed my relationship with money and once I did, it began to flow more freely to me. 

I used to think that bad things happened to me, but now I know that they happen for me (in perfect timing). The reason that Sarah is so successful at coaching her clients is that she dives deeply into the beliefs that are the root of everything—our thoughts, our feelings, our actions, our results. If you are reading this and you are unhappy about the thoughts, feelings, actions and/or results of your current life, then working with Sarah is the most beneficial step you could take in changing your life forever. This may feel like an exaggeration, but I assure you that it is not. My life has been changed and I have begun a journey that I will be on for the rest of my life, one that is filled with bliss, happiness, and a deeper understanding of my truth."


"It's been a little over seven months since the end of my program with Sarah and still, I carry the lessons, insights, and wisdom that she shared with me throughout the course of my program. Looking back on it, I see these lessons that I embodied with Sarah as a great remembering. These lessons were tangible facts my soul already knew, but I had such a large disconnect between my body, soul, and mind, that I couldn't decipher the code with all the noise. I consider it a remembering experience because when we would discuss the topics (of my inner child, my father wounding, the discomfort my soul was feeling working a job that did not align with my values) I could feel this very real, very energetic feeling in my upper stomach (the solar plexus). This I came to know as my intuition, telling me that I am headed in the right direction. That I had known these things deep within already, but needed guidance to come back home. Once I started listening to and being understanding toward my inner self, my world began to shift. 

It's seven months later and still, my world is shifting. I am still finding those areas in my life where there may be discomfort and working through them at a deep, intuitive level as I did with Sarah. My six-month journey working with Sarah has transformed into what I  believe will be an entire lifetime that I'll spend listening to my inner self, growing and transforming to become the highest, best version of myself. It was unlike any experience I've had before. 

Before I met Sarah, I was following the trends and fads of the dieting world. I would look at myself in the mirror with hatred instead of love. I would treat my body poorly with vices because I did not truly believe, at my very core, that I was worthy of health. Working with Sarah, I found my way to the ROOT of my actions. I uncovered my own limiting beliefs that kept me stagnant. This is the difference between Sarah's program and the fads of the diet world. She will guide you to the root of your unhappiness, expose the limiting beliefs, and help you shift those in order to better your life in such drastic ways. Learning this framework is something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life, it is something that I will teach my own children someday, a legacy I can leave on this earth by example. For this, I will forever be grateful. Thank you, Sarah. ♥"