A Breathwork Workshop

When we're young, our sense of worth tends to become wounded. Maybe you've explored this, maybe you haven't. If not, ask yourself if you ever...

  • People please?
  • Feel like you need to prove yourself to others?
  • Tie your worth to your work/career? i.e. a project goes south, an employee quits, a client leaves or doesn't sign, your boss lashes out at you, etc. and you make it mean something about you
  • Struggle to ask for what you want/need?
  • Struggle to receive from others, whether it's compliments, help, gifts, money, etc?
  • Strive to be perfect or identify as a perfectionist?
  • Hear critical thoughts in your mind?
  • Feel like you need to do things in order to be loved?
  • Don't feel deserving of what you have?
  • Feel like no matter what you do externally, you can't seem to feel the genuine fulfillment and happiness you're searching for? 
  • Self-sabotage?
  • Feel a lack of self-worth?

These are just a few examples of a worthiness wound. This deep, sometimes unconscious sense of unworthiness weighs us down, holds us back, and contributes to the underlying unhappiness that many people, especially women, feel.

This is created in many ways throughout our lives; experiences that happen as a child, traumas, generational trauma (the worthiness wound is often passed down from generations before us, when people were treated very unequally), society & parental figures making us believe that we should be a certain type of way while growing up.

This wound goes deep and one of the best and easiest ways to access the root of it, unlock it, and begin to release it is through breathwork.

The truth is, we're ALL innately worthy and DO NOT need to prove it; we just need to wake up to this fact.

Join me for an IN-PERSON Breathwork Session at Phyt Phyzique on Monday, July 19th from 6:15 - 7:30 pm to begin to explore and experience your innate worth.

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We’ll be covering three main topics that will help you further understand the worthiness wound how you can be the healer of it:


  • Breathwork You have the ability to access, explore, heal, and shift the worthiness wound by using a specific breath pattern that I'm going to teach you. I'll lead you through a full breathwork session that will help you begin to re-wire the neurons in your brain so that you can embody your INNATE WORTH in your everyday life. You'll feel the truth that you are your own healer and have the ability to cultivate worthiness all on your own, without feeling the need to prove yourself to the world.


  • Parental & Societal Wounding We'll chat a bit about where, when, and how the worthiness wound begins to develop. This will give your mind an understanding of why you're choosing to dive into this work and will give it something to reflect on beyond the workshop. 


  • Mind/Body Connection When we're disconnected from our bodies, we can't heal the worthiness wound. We'll discuss how mind/body connection can help us heal, and you'll experience the truth of this as you breathe.

This is an interactive workshop; we'll be chatting a bit, but most of the "work" will be done and transformations will be created throughout the breathing session that I will guide you all through. You don't need to know a thing about breathwork in order to join! I'll gently explain it and be by your side as you breathe.

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Paula N. -

"...When it (the breathwork session) was done, I felt so much freedom, so much calm and peace in my body. I felt like I just ran a marathon, honestly I was sweating, but soooo relaxed and so peaceful. My body was craving this session and it felt so good... Besides all of the physical and mental goodness this breathwork session has provided me, it has definitely taught me to listen to my body and honor it."

Jessica E. -

"Sarah is excellent at what she does! The self love breathwork session was a rewarding experience. I didn’t know what all to expect going into the session but that’s the great thing about working with Sarah, she holds your hand and walks you through the whole experience. I felt comfortable and allowed the session to be what it needed to be. The breathwork facilitated was powerful. The session ended with me feeling peaceful, abundant and curious about what can happen next. I do look forward to continuing the work with Sarah. She brings so much to the journey and path I am currently on. Very grateful."

Liz O. -

“Sarah is absolutely phenomenal at what she does. I had never done breathwork before but I have done EMDR in the past and I don’t think EMDR tapped into my nervous system the way breathwork does with Sarah. Her vibe and the way she speaks and the way she holds her classes calm you down and make you feel extremely comfortable. The sessions I have experienced with her totally impacted me in a positive way that I’ll be going back and recommending it to all my friends!”


I'm so excited for you to explore breathwork and the innate healing powers you hold & am so honored to be the one guiding you to it!

If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected], send me a DM on Instagram (@sarahjeanharken), or a message on Facebook (Sarah Harken)

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